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July 2, 2011

After a glorious early summer break we are back home…

And gosh, I miss it here!

Of course I loved every minute of the trip but there is absolutely nothing like laying on my couch with my laptop, sleeping in our own bed and having our lovely routine back!

I am glad to report I only earned 2 spankings in twenty days! Uhu!

Okay… it’s way easier to behave with Tom by my side 24/7, but even though… it was an achievement 😉

He even joked if I kept it going like that, he might loose his “hand”… yeah… as if! 🙂

The first one was three days after we left, because I had been nagging at him for inviting people over for dinner without warning me… He then concluded that, to prove me, it was not that much of a short notice, he could spare 30 extra minutes to correct my attitude… Do I have to say it worked? Yeah, because it did.

The second one was because I was horny but didn’t want to wake him up so, I decided to go to the bath and play with myself…. Oh, well… BIG mistake. Turns out he was more awake than I originally thought and caught me in the act…

But, overall, I guess I did pretty good! 🙂


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